Instead of biography

Half a lifetime in my (tropical) country and the rest out and about, Sagittarians are notorious vagabonds, right?… So I keep wandering through different worlds in different languages.

The axis Frankfurt-Heidelberg grasped me on the heels and never let it loose. Long ago, honey? Sure, Baby, there was a long ‘night’ of military savagery and I left. But the strongest chain has a link ‹finisterrae› and the eyes of a ‹meiga› which, for ratifying Galicia’s fame (as a sorceress), put in this task the last locking… and Old Galicia took me in for the penultimate stay in this world of god and the devil…

“Minas” opened to me the doors, father’s hand and mother tongue gave me the gears to go around the world, and the Lady of my steps — woman and mother [of my son]— keeps guiding me, keeps following me, and this way we fly so light that it doesn’t even weigh (well, almost) the steep and slippery route we have chosen among strangers to go on singing our songs, having our laughs and doing things and making plans, some wonderful dreams!

As neither father nor mother will ever be able to read these li­nes, they went for ever to the fantastic world of stars and galaxies, I dedicate them to you — firstly to you — and also to the fruit of your womb, our obrita de cuidados (little piece to care for).

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